Through planning my own wedding and designing then making my own wedding stationery I have learnt a lot!

That knowledge is something that I want to share so this is going to be a list of Wedding Tips that I am going to keep adding to as time goes on as a bit of a bible for the things you might not think of!

TIP 1   

Always order more than you think you will need (and that is not because I want your money!!) Much better to have too many invites than not enough because it can cost an arm and a leg for small batch print runs, some printers won't even do them!


TIP 1.5    

That being said - don't forget that not everyone needs an invite! You only need one per couple/family not one each. Same goes with an order of service - often couples are told they need to have one each, in reality, you only really need one for every 2/3 guests.


TIP 2        

Remember to keep a copy of your whole wedding suite and on the day stationery for yourself as a keepsake - so easy to forget to add you and your partner to the guest list. (also goes for the menu choices, you need to eat too!)


TIP 3    

Don't forget to factor in the cost of postage on your invites! Stamps are expensive so don't get caught off guard.If you are in the UK - send your invites second class! Honestly its just as quick as first class and when your already spending out on everything else you should save money where you can and they are about 10p a stamp cheaper.


TIP 4    

Make sure at the post office that one of your fully made up and sealed envelopes containing your wedding invitations fits through the normal letter slot in their plastic measuring boards BEFORE you buy your stamps. Nothing worse that finding out that its a little too thick and is classed as a large letter and you have wasted stamps.


TIP 5    

Why not consider printed return address envelopes for your RSVP cards - saves you writing your own address out loads. Even better why not get a return address stamp - that way you can use it for the RSVP envelopes and also on the main outer envelope to avoid the risk of it getting lost in the post. We can arrange both so if its something you are interest in - drop me an email on the contact page.


TIP 5.5    

Or alternatively opt for a postcard style RSVP so that your address is already on the card and all your guests need to do is stick a stamp on it and tick a box! All of our RSVP designs can be adapted for postcard style.


TIP 6     

Insider info - On RSVP's if you see 'M__________________' and you ever wondered what the M stands for - traditionally its for Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss and then the guests full name. Its more modern these days to see Guest or Name on an RSVP but they are your invites you can have what you want!


TIP 7       

You shouldn't have anything you don't want on your invites. If you don't want the traditional 'Together With Their Families' then just ask your stationer and i guarantee they will be more than happy to change it to suit you! Don't be scared to ask! How about 'with joy in their hearts'... I love that one!

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