Terms and Conditions


When placing an order with The Little Craft Box you are accepting the following Terms and Conditions:

A payment of 50% of the order total will be paid by the client in way of a deposit before work begins. Payment balances and deadlines will be discussed between the client and The Little Craft Box to ensure that payment is received before design work starts. If you are ordering more than one bundle of stationery e.g Save The Dates, Invite Bundles and On The Day Stationery, payments may be broken down so that monies will be received at the start of each part of the order.

The Little Craft Box will not take any responsibility for any late payment by the Client if this causes a delay in receiving your order. The Little Craft Box will provide a date by which payment needs to be received for the order to progress in a timely manner for you to receive your goods.

In the event of an order being cancelled when payment has been received a refund will only be issued if no design work has taken place. As soon as design work has commenced at any stage of your order the monies paid are not refundable, as not only does this cover the artists time, it also covers the loss of profit for any projects turned away to take on your design. All items received are non refundable due to the nature of the items being customised, they are unable to be resold therefore refunds are not accepted. If for any reason you are not happy with the items you receive please contact The Little Craft Box straight away to see if this can be remedied.

At the commencement of any order, themes will be discussed with the client and design ideas will be exchanged. The client will usually be provided with more than one initial proof PDF document to give different options and then revisions will take place from this point with the client. Be aware that The Little Craft Box will not be held accountable for missed deadlines if the client delays in providing design approval. No changes will be made or orders placed without approval from the client. The longer this takes the more delayed the order will become.

Great care is taken to ensure that all details in the suite are correct as provided by the client. The Little Craft Box will not be responsible for any incorrect details or spelling mistakes if they are on a proof which has been approved by the client. If this is a mistake on behalf of The Little Craft Box then it will be rectified as soon as possible with the printing company.

Please be aware that the colours on the design screen may appear slightly different than ones seen by the client on proofs due to differences in monitor calibration and device resolution quality. The Little Craft Box cannot be held responsible for this. The design colours are the best quality for the chosen printing service to achieve the best colour results. There will also be a slight difference in colour between what the client views on a screen and the end printed result due to the nature of computer screen displays verses a physical product.

As soon as the final proof has been signed off by the client in writing it is not possible to make any changes as this will be sent to an external print company and will be out of The Little Craft Box’s control. Any reprints to fix mistakes by the client will be payable by the client. Please ensure that you check your suites fully - consider asking for a second pair of eyes to make sure you haven’t missed anything. Any mistakes on the part of The Little Craft Box will be rectified at no cost to the client.

The Little Craft Box's retains all copyrights and ownership rights of design work and design elements undertaken for clients. The Little Craft Box does not permit for reprints to be made using original artwork by the client or third party operators. Any such action will be considered a breach of copyrite law and will be treated seriously by The Little Craft Box and pursued.

Delivery is undertaken by a third party courier and the client will be provided full tracking information when the order has been sent. It is the clients responsibility to ensure that The Little Craft Box is made aware within 7 days of delivery if there are any items missing or damaged. Photographic images will need to be provided by the client to ensure that claims can be made on the couriers insurance. Once the order has been received in tact, The Little Craft Box will take no responsibility over any damage or loss incurred whilst in the clients possession. Any repeat printing costs will be charged in full to the client including any rush fees incurred. The Little Craft Box will take no responsibility for lost items however when the items are sent they are covered by the couriers insurance so a claim will be made for the cost of the lost items and this will cover the cost of reprinting any missing elements lost due to the couriers negligence.

Any work undertaken by The Little Craft Box is liable to be used in promotional material / marketing and social media platforms. The Little Craft Box will always endeavour to cover and obscure personal details in print work. If a client does not wishes images of their work to be shared then this must be stated in email and wishes will be respected.